6 Easy Ideas For Decorating Your Clear Lake Apartments

August 15th, 2020

We know decorating an apartment can feel daunting. Whether you just moved in or have lived there forever, you want to make your space feel like home, and we understand. Our Clear Lake apartments are brand-new, so it makes decorating a bit easier, since every inch of our floor plans exude luxury, and almost feel like a work of art.

Did you know that there’s been a recent spike in Google and Pinterest searches when it comes to decorating your home or apartment on a budget? We thought we’d share a few tips of our own on how to make your Clear Lake apartment feel like home in no time.

6 easy tips and hacks for updating your apartment in Clear Lake on a budget:

  1. Greenery is key. Adding a simple faux green plant in your living room or adding beautiful planters on your patio or balcony will make a huge difference fast. And these are easy to find at almost every grocery store or home goods store you can find all throughout your Clear Lake neighborhood. You’ll be surprised how quickly these can freshen up the look of your apartment.
  2. We all know art and décor are important, but think outside the box. Get creative with where you add art. Even the bathroom is a great place to add a fun picture or bright bathmat. (Although your bathroom at The Caroline is already beautiful given the beautiful granite countertops.)
  3. Think about storage in a different way. If you have a lot of blankets and throws for all your binge watching sessions in your cozy Clear Lake apartment, consider getting a nice basket or two and folding the blankets nicely in the basket, giving it a dual purpose. It’s still super accessible if you get chilly or want to cuddle up for a nap, but the basket and blankets themselves are a beautiful and easy addition to your current apartment aesthetic.
  4. Clean your Clear Lake apartment. Yes, we still consider this a good tip for updating your apartment and making it feel cozy and comfortable. Our Clear Lake apartments offer so much beauty and natural light; sometimes cleaning your windows or decluttering your kitchen island or closet can go a long way in making an impact.
  5. We love rugs and how they can transform a space, especially in certain areas to complement our laminate wood flooring. Adding a colored rug or a jute rug is a simple and easy way to spruce up your apartment. Even if you have rugs already, just updating with a new one could do the trick. We also love the layered rug trend, where you lay a larger rug then layer a smaller rug on top.
  6. Consider mirrors or floating shelves for your Clear Lake apartment. Both are easy and take up minimal space. Mirrors help open up the look of the room and floating shelves provide storage for picture frames and even some of your favorite books without taking up much floor real estate. These are both fun and affordable options to get creative with your apartment decorating on a budget.

We invite you to tour our Clear Lake apartments and see all the luxurious details in person or call one of our friendly and knowledgeable leasing agents at 832.224.9696. Don’t forget to ask about our summer leasing specials on all floor plans.